Kupittaa Tournament FIE invitation 2015

 FIE Satellite Epée Men, individual & Nordic Championships Epee Individual (17.3.2018)

FIE Satellite Epée Ladies, individual & Nordic Championships Epee Individual (18.3.2018)

Veteran Ladies Nordic Championships Epee Individual (17.3.2018)

Veteran Men Nordic Championships Epee Individual (18.3.2018)


Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the Kupittaa Tournament 2018 on behalf of the Finnish Fencing and Pentathlon Association. The Kupittaa Tournament will be held at city of Turku in Finland on 17. – 18.3.2018


Finnish Fencing and Pentathlon Association

Address: VALO-talo, Radiokatu 20, FI-00250 HELSINKI, FINLAND

Phone: +358 50 336 2464 lena.tallroth-kock@fencing-pentathlon.fi


Turku Fencing Club TMÅF

Address: c/o Hakkarainen IPAmark, Itäinen Pitkäkatu 18, 20520 Turku, Finland

Phone: +358 041 5158 674 , info@turunmiekkailjat.fi


Competition venue Kupittaa Sportshall, Kupittaankuja 1, Turku


Schedule of the Competition

Friday 16 March 2018 19h00 – 20h00              Equipment control


Saturday 17 March 2018

Epée Men, individual FIE satellite& Nordic Championships

8h00 – 9h15                  Equipment control

8h30                                Last entry

9h30                                Start Epée Men

18h00                              Final Epée Men (4 best fencers)


Veteran Ladies Nordic Championships Epee Individual

11h00                              Last entry

11h30                              Start Epée Veteran Ladies

Final starts immediately after direct elimination

16h00-17h00                Equipment control for Epée Ladies, individual FIE Satellite


Sunday, 18 March 2018

Epée Ladies, individual FIE satellite & Nordic Championships

8h00 – 8h45                  Equipment control

8h30                                Last entry

9h00                                Start Epée Ladies

                             Final Epée Ladies (4 best fencers)

                             Final starts immediately after direct elimination


Veteran Men Nordic Championships Epee Individual

10h00                              Last entry

10h30                              Start Epée Veteran Men

Final starts immediately after direct elimination


 Participation veteran categories:

40+      born 1978 – 1969
50+      born 1968 – 1959
60+      born 1958 – 1949
70+      born 1948 and before

At least six fencers per category are required for Nordic Championship status. If there are less than six registered fencers, the categories will be combined. No handicap system will be used. The confirmed veteran competition schedule will be published promptly after last entry.

Entry FIE satellite
Open to all fencers with valid 2017-2018 FIE license.
Entries to be made by national federations through FIE website www.fie.org according to FIE rules.

Entry Veteran Nordic Championships
Open to all fencers of NFU countries with valid 2017-2018 National License.
Entries to be made through Ophardt system or by email to ilmot@fencing-pentathlon.fi at the latest by 23.2.2018.

 Entry fees
FIE satellite competition:  EUR 35
Veteran Nordic Championships: EUR 30

The entry fee is paid in cash at the registration before the start of the competition.



FIE satellite competitions: As per FIE rules: 1-4 fencers: no referee, 5-9 fencers: one referee. 10- fencers: two referees.

Veteran Nordic Championships: As per NFU Rules: 1-4 fencers no referee, 5-9 fencers 1 referee 10-15 fencers 2 referees 16-20 fencers 3 referees, 21 and more fencers 4 referees


The Satellite competitions shall use the F.I.E. formula except that if there is a pre-tournament in which all the participants to the satellite tournament take part, the composition of the round of pools of the satellite competition will be based on the results of this pre-tournament

Formula for the veteran competitions will be confirmed after last entry.


Accommodation and Transport

Kindly visit www.turkutouring.fi/en for accommodation and other touristic information.

See also: Centro Hotel

16.-18.3.2018  Single room/night/ 90€  – yhden hengen huone 90 euroa/yö/huone
16.-18.3.2018  Double room/night/110€ – kahden hengen huone 110 euroa/yö/huone

Centro Hotel, Yliopistonkatu 12a, FIN-20100 TURKU, Finland

Tel: +358-2-2118100




Warm regards,

Heikki Saarento

Turku Fencing Club President